Start Allgemein EAS – European Aviation Symposium 2019 in München

EAS – European Aviation Symposium 2019 in München

EAS – European Aviation Symposium 2019 in München
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A new international format of the aviation industry will be launched in January 2019. With the concentrated strength of the industry, fvw, Prologis and the Travel Industry Club invite participants and all those involved in the European aviation sector to this symposium, to discuss the critical challenges of the market and solution strategies together with top-class experts, executives, managers and politicians. Representatives of leading European airlines, airports and aviation organisations give a detailed insight into their current initiatives, and engage in an intensive exchange of experiences and concepts.

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Aviation is at a crossroads. Traditional airline business models are giving way to a new lower cost, customized and more profitable “airline 2.0” generation with higher pricing power. Traditional airport business models of pure infrastructure providers have been replaced by more entrepreneurial growth oriented companies seeking to promote connectivity and profitability. At the same time disruptive technologies and new market initiatives increase pressure on airlines, airports and aviation partners to reconsider their strategies and business approach.

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The Symposium will address the strategic challenges facing aviation on Day 1. These range from the effects of Brexit, to the effects of consolidation and the political answer to the possible further fragmentation of European aviation. Just months before the elections for the European Parliament and the subsequent nomination of new EU Commissioners in 2019, the Symposium is timed to highlight the dependency of national markets and their market players in Europe on a robust and realistic European aviation policy.

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